About Aneyone (von

It all started with airbrush designs and spraycan wallpieces back in 1991: Growing up in Berlin, the writer and street artist Aneyone started his art career early with the founding of the writer crew "Deadly Colourz". And just as early he learned how to put his artwork on shirts - the screen printing process began to be his profession.

The growing experiences in an advertising agency and the accumulated knowledge in electronic picture editing let us imagine that he has earned his master not only on the streets. In 1996 he sold the first shirts with own designs and quickly noticed that these "moving walls" just are his thing! Many streetwear labels appreciate this and let him direct her clothing lines as a ghost designer.

Since 2009 the everyday-impressions from his hometown Berlin and the experience he had collected in his daily jobs are put to good use for his own clothing-line Aneywear. It was the right time and good things take time - as we can see by his products. His designs are always fresh and known far beyond Berlin's borders.

Follow Aneyone on his way to the future, with new collections and his interesting projects and collaborations.

Stay tuned...